Financial Snapshot

A common struggle found among adults, whether single or married is money management. As one of our core values, GIVE, we will enable God's work and allow the changing of lives through the sharing of our gifts. 

This past spring, FUMC Pearland offered a Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class. This 9-week course is a spiritually-based money management discipline. It is a proven way to learn the tools to pay off debt and learn to live within your means, AND be a better steward of your money.


Over the time of the course, the class combined (seventeen members) paid off $57,489.17 in debt and saved $18,501.00. Cars were paid off, student loans were paid and emergency funds were created.

“I found that through the course, I understood my money behavior changed. I am now able to pay my bills and live my life, AND give to others in need. It makes my heart swell.” —Tina D’Astoli


“FPU is not about finding more money, it is about finding a way to not worry about your money, so you can be a better servant of Christ.” —Charles Stanley


“What a great way of life and to learn how to be good stewards of all God gives us to use to his glory.” —Joyce Yoder


  • Total Receipts for April                          $214,135

  • Total Expenses for April                         $217,431

  • Net Income                                              $(3,296)


In the month of April, both campuses contributed to the ongoing ministries at above expected levels. Expenses were watched closely and we are ahead of budget for the month.

In addition to our regular operating budget, donations were given to designated funds. We received $115,578 towards missions, Permanent Endowment, camp scholarships, and more.

2017 is a year of aggressive goals and milestones! We celebrate reaching a goal with Mission Possible of $1,350,000 in the first year. In fact, we exceeded our goal. Keep praying for our congregation, get involved in helping us reach our goals, and celebrate with us as we hit our milestones together.






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