Financial Snapshot

One of the core values of FUMC Pearland is to GROW. We are committed to providing spiritual growth opportunities that will encourage all generations and cultures to experience God's love.

womenbibSpiritual growth is important because it creates community, provides fellowship and strengthens our relationship with Jesus and one another.

The Flourish Wednesday Night Bible study is a great example of one creating community.

“It was great to talk with women from different seasons in their lives and receive feedback on life issues that we all face as women”, said Crystal Schroeder. “We're all on a journey and at different places in life, but all have things in common that we can share with each other.”

“The women’s Wednesday night study was a great time for me”, said Anna Aquilar. “I found comfort in sharing my time and situations with other women JUST LIKE ME! I discovered that we are all having the same struggles in life and it was awesome to hear my story coming out of someone else’s mouth.”

As we continue our ministry in 2017,
it is our prayer that all will join in new and unique ways to share the Gospel.

MARCH 2017

Total Receipts for February   $169,715
Total Expenses for February  $201,326
Net Income                            $(31,611)

In the month of March, both campuses contributed to the ongoing ministries at slightly below expected levels. Expenses were watched closely and we are right on target for the month.

In addition to our regular operating budget, contributions were made to designated funds. We received $195,185 towards missions and outreach, Permanent Endowment, camp scholarships, and more.

Mission Possible is approaching its one year anniversary! Of the $2,318,688 pledged to the campaign, $1,261,857 has already been given. The success and momentum of Mission Possible continues as we quickly approach the one year anniversary. Help us reach our one year goal of $1,350,000

For additional information, contact Stacey Brewer, Finance Director.


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