Financial Snapshot

IMG_7841.JPGWhat do you get when you put 90 children, youth and adults on two charter buses and send them to Palestine? You get a group headed to Lakeview United Methodist Church Camp for a week of fun, fellowship, games, worship and more!

Lakeview is a place where God is truly present and working through and in these campers every minute of the day. This past week, thanks to your support, we sent first-time campers, long-time campers, counselors and directors to have the opportunity to learn more about themselves, others and Jesus. This is the meaning of Connecting All to a Greater Life in Christ.

Every year our Children and Student Ministries hold fundraisers to help offset costs of camp, mission trips and retreats. By attending the Opal Cote Memorial Dinner Theater Variety Show and shopping the Annual Church-wide Garage Sale, you gave scholarships to campers that would otherwise not get to attend, you funded the counselor and director registrations and you made it possible for us to charter two large buses to travel together to Palestine, Texas.


Together we are sharing the love of Christ with our children and youth and teaching them to share that love with others, as well.


June 2018 Financial Snapshot

            Total Receipts for June                              $309,601

            Total Expenses for June                            $273,223

                        Net Proceeds                                 $  36,378


John Wesley wasn’t persuaded that someone had made a decision for Christ until that person became involved in a small group. -Joel Comiskey. 

In August, we are searching for growth group participants. Growth Groups are a gathering of people for the purpose to grow in faith and relationships with one another. These groups search for a shared sense of ministry in which they can positively impact the lives of others. Make the intentional decision to be a part of this transformational piece of FUMC. Wesley understood how critical this step is in our faith journey. We agree it’s critical, and we ask everyone to be involved in a growth group. If you haven’t taken that step, let us help you find a group and get you started this fall. 

Our church cannot do it without you! In addition to our regular operating budget, donations were given to designated funds. We received $48,565 towards Mission Possible, Camp Scholarships, Missions and God Box, and more.




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