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JULY 17 - 21   9:00 am - 2:00 pm   Cost: $100

GIFTS 1GIFTS camp is an exploratory camp that encourages campers to experience new interests and explore new skills. Campers return to the same “focus” class each morning and rotate through eight other classes throughout the week. This gives them the opportunity to Grow their God given Interests, Fellowship, Talents and Skills. Children who have completed kindergarten through completed 6th grade can attend GIFTS Camp.





Due to a great response, we no longer need adult volunteers.

Your child will need to bring a labeled lunch and a drink everyday except Friday (lunch will be provided on Friday).

Class size is limited. Focus selections are not guaranteed.

Missions: Our Missions rotation will feature the organization Big Love. We will create clay hearts for children for comfort who are undergoing medical treatments. (Please note all campers will rotate through this area learning about the camp service project. Campers do not need to choose this as a rotation. It will be built into their schedule.)

FOCUS AND ROTATION OPPORTUNITIES: please choose one focus group and choose your top 10 choices for rotations (you will go to 8 rotations).

American Girl: (Focus Group limited to entering 1st-3rd grade; Rotation Groups open to all.) Come discover the historical world of American Girl! Make crafts and play games inspired by your favorite American Girl dolls. Focus group will be very similar to last year, but rotation groups will have new activities.

Animal Pet Care: (Focus Group limited to entering 4th - 7th grade; Rotation Groups open to all.) A class where we will learn to properly care for and love our pets, especially dogs.

Art: (Focus Group limited to entering 4th-7th grade; Rotation Groups open to all.) Kids will have a variety of art projects to create throughout the week.

Board Games: (Focus limited to 1st-3rd; Rotation open to all.) Will you outwit, outplay, and outlast your opponent? What strategy will you use to win the game? In this class, campers will have fun playing board games and learning inside tips and tricks to be a board game genius! The Focus Group will also have the opportunity to build their own board game using easy-to-find objects. Win or lose, it is fun for all!

Bee Keeping, Bugs & Pollinators: (Focus Group limited to entering 1st-3rd grade; Rotation Groups open to all.) This class is designed for young science and nature lovers. The Focus Group will learn all that they ever wanted to know about bees and bee behavior, pollination, and flowers that produce nectar necessary for honey production. We will have a real observation hive for the class to watch the bees. They will also learn how to extract honey and have the opportunity to taste honey straight from the honeycomb. The class will also make candles from the wax produced by the bees. If time permits, they will learn about beneficial insects and their importance to us. All Rotation Groups will have the opportunity to learn about beekeeping through observation of the hive.

Bible Journaling: (Focus Group limited to entering 4th-7th grade; Rotation Groups open to all.) Bring your Bible alive with color and art. We will learn basic art journaling techniques and decorate scripture verses and Bible pages.

Bow Making & Hair Jewelry: (Limited to entering 4th-7th grade.) Campers will learn how to make fun hair accessories. Pony streamers, simple hair bows, clipees, and a pair of bow flops.

Camping and Outdoor Skills: (There will be two separate groups for entering 1st-3rd and entering 4th-7th grade.) Camping and outdoor skills can be important for everyday life and a lot of fun! Come learn a few basics in the area of campfire building and general fire safety, camp cooking, trail signs, geocaching, wild animal recognition and safety, survival skills and first aid.

Card Games & Tricks: (Focus Group limited to entering 4th-7th grade; Rotation Groups open to all.) Calling all card players and magicians! Come play cards with us, and learn all kinds of fun games like Slap Jack, Spoons, Crazy Eights, Go Boom and Snap! Amaze your friends with cool magic tricks that you can perform with nothing more than a standard deck of cards. All new tricks and games during rotation this year.

Christmas in July: (Focus Group limited to entering 4th-7th grade; Rotation Groups open to all.) Do you sing Christmas carols all year long? Are you someone who enjoys decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day? Do you look forward to Hobby Lobby putting out Christmas decorations in August? Then this is the class for you! Join us for Christmas music, ornament making, and so much more in the "Christmas in July" GIFTS Camp class!

Computer Coding: (Limited to entering 4th-7th grade.) Join us as we spend the week learning how to program kid-friendly, online apps with real Java code that can be played on a phone or tablet! Focus Group campers will gain a more in-depth introduction to Java as well as other kid-friendly online programming resources such as Scratch, and will need a USB stick drive daily. We will finish the week programming Lego NXT robots in small groups. (The Focus Ggroup will repeat information from last year.) Rotation campers will program Java apps only. This is a class for complete beginners, so no experience necessary.

Cooking 1-3: (Focus and Rotation Groups limited to entering 1st‐3rd grade.) Come mix it up with cooking. Young chefs will have a blast preparing basic cooking concoctions and tasting the results of their work. Class members will work together to prepare recipes. They will take home recipes and be encouraged to try them with their families. Many of the focus activities will be the same as last year but rotation recipes are new. No recipe will include nuts, however, some ingredients may have been processed in a factory that processes nuts. PLEASE NOTE: THIS CLASS IS NOT GLUTEN FREE.

Cooking 4-7: (Focus and Rotation groups limited to entering 4th-7th grade.) Chefs will enjoy a fun, hands-on experience preparing popular kid-friendly food. All recipes are kid-tested and agreed to be 100% yummy! We will discuss kitchen safety and the importance of good nutrition for health. Different recipes will include meat, poultry, dairy, eggs and fruit (including strawberries). Focus class chefs will receive a class cookbook that will include both the recipes we prepare in class and more recipes they can prepare at home. Focus class chefs should bring an apron and a ponytail holder to class. No recipe will include nuts, however, some ingredients may have been processed in a factory that processes nuts. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT GLUTEN FREE.

Crochet: (Focus and Rotation Groups limited to entering 4th‐7th grade.) You will see examples of a variety of crocheted projects while learning the basics and completing your own crocheted project. There will be very fun, easy to learn projects for the beginners as well as the opportunity for experienced crocheters to complete more complex and interesting pieces.

Dangerous Class for Boys: (Focus Group is limited to entering 4th - 7th grade; Rotation open to all boys.) In the age of video games and cell phones, there must still be a place for knowing ropes, climbing trees and shooting marbles. Come enjoy the camaraderie of other boys, learn new skills and games that you will use for the rest of your life. (The Focus Group will repeat information from last year.)

Fishing 101: (Focus Group only. Because of the large numbers of requests for this class, it will be limited to campers who have never taken fishing at GIFTS Camp and are entering 4th-7th grade.) This class is for campers who are interested in learning the basics of fishing. Topics covered will be equipment and tackle. Campers will learn to cast, learn to tie knots, learn about boats and boating equipment, fish identification for salt and fresh water and conservation. Students will go on a field trip to Sea Center Texas in Lake Jackson to catch redfish and tour the hatchery. Parents are required to sign a release form for transportation. Because of this off‐site opportunity, students in this class will only have rotations for three days AND MUST BE ABLE TO BE AT CHURCH BY 7:45am WEDNESDAY. Safety is our number one priority with this class so there will be l Adult or 2 experienced Youth Volunteers for every 2 students. ALSO, on TUESDAY, STUDENTS WILL HAVE ONLY THE SECOND ROTATION. We will learn how to cast in FOCUS AND 1ST ROTATION. All equipment will be provided for the student to keep.

Fun With Frosting: (Focus Group limited to entering 4th‐7th grade and limited to campers who have never taken this class as a Focus Group. Rotation Groups are open to all.) Does learning how to decorate cakes and cupcakes with various icing techniques sound like a sweet idea to you? All campers will learn to decorate and ice using icing tips. The rotation group will learn to decorate cupcakes. They will also learn to take some of their favorite candy and make roses and accents for their cupcakes! The Focus Group will also learn how to decorate a cake. We will learn how to pipe flowers, ruffles and other fun ways to make their cake special. Focus Group campers should bring an apron, a “Lazy Susan” cake decorating turn-table, and a ponytail holder to class. PLEASE NOTE: THIS CLASS IS NOT GLUTEN FREE.

Group Games: (Rotation Groups only. Open to all.) This is a great class for active kids who have a lot of energy to spare and like a little friendly competition. Campers will participate in some crazy competitions and exciting games including relay races, team‐building games, obstacle courses, and more. Have some good old‐fashioned fun in the gym!

Gymnastics: (Open to all.) Let’s get ready to tumble! We are going to have a flipping fun time somersaulting, cartwheeling and walking on our hands as we learn and practice basic gymnastics skills. Participants should plan to wear appropriate clothing and pull their hair back for our action packed sessions.

Happy Planner: (Focus and Rotation groups limited to entering 4th-7th grade.) Come happy plan your life around God. We will learn how to make shaker bookmarks, planner dashboards, dividers and washi tape a weekly spread.

Hogwarts Academy: (Focus Group limited to entering 4th-7th grade; Rotation Groups open to all.) Join us on platform 9 3/4 as we take off for a whirlwind of wizarding wonders. Be sorted into a house, visit Oleander’s to be matched with a wand, and attend important wizarding classes such as herbology, care of magical creatures, and potions. After class engage in an exciting game of quidditch and visit Honeydukes for a treat. A world of wonder awaits the chosen one.

Karate: (Focus and Rotation groups limited to entering 4th-7th grade.) Come learn the discipline of the martial arts through character building, confidence and strength. Look in the mirror; that is your competition.

Lego Imagination Workshop: (Open to all.) If you like to build things and use your imagination, you will love this class. Participants will have access to 230 pounds of Legos and can build, build, build. This class includes both unstructured time and daily challenges. Come see what you can create!

Minecraft: (Open to all.) We will not be playing the video game. Explore the world of Minecraft through various crafts and activities including peg boards, perler beads, and pixel paper crafts. Come join our Minecraft craft party!

Music: (Rotation Groups only. Open to all.) Sign‐up to sing and shout to the Lord, God, I Am! Join us to make musical melodies! Together we will explore unique instruments with hands on opportunities. Campers will sing, dance, stomp, clap, beat, and find joy through music.

Science: (There will be two separate groups for entering 1st-3rd and entering 4th-7th grade.) Prepare yourself to have a "blast" this week! We will explore scientific mysteries as we "conduct" experiments using our five senses: hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch. Be prepared to get messy and wet, learn cool things to share with your family, and HAVE FUN! We will offer kid appropriate activities tailored toward both younger and older scientists.

Sculpture: (Focus and Rotations limited to entering 1st‐3rd grade.) Options for sculpture are as endless as the camper’s imagination. Proposed projects and instruction will include the creation of animals, pinch pots, trinket boxes, play food, etc. However, campers are welcome to create to their hearts’ content.

Sewing: (Focus and Rotations limited to entering 4th‐7th grade.) Are you ready to sew? Join us as we navigate our way through making the ultimate sleepover package! The focus group will make pajama pants, a pillow case, a sleep mask and maybe even a matching T‐shirt. We will learn how to cut out a pattern, place the pattern on material, cut it out, and seam up our creations. You will need to purchase your own fabric prior to camp. Feel free to bring your own machine so you can continue to learn at home. Rotation participants will have fun getting warmed up with the machines as we learn how to make something fun too!

Star Wars Jedi Academy: (Open to all.) The force awakens with an all NEW Jedi training class. Under the supervision of the original GIFTS Camp Jedi Masters, potential young Jedis will undergo "underground" training to prepare the Resistance for a secret attack on The First Order. Or, will The First Order find us first? Experience the power of the Force!

Theater 101: (Open to all.) Campers will learn about every aspect of the theater, starting with the script, sets, props, costumes, makeup, sound and lights with a special focus on acting! Rotation groups will receive a crash course on the topics; whereas the focus group will have more in-depth and hands-on experience.

Woodworking: (Focus Group and Rotations limited to entering 4th-7th grade.) Campers will participate, with adult supervision, in many "hands-on" tasks such as drilling, cutting, sanding, driving nails, and joining with screws as they construct a new project for 2017 that is kid‐friendly and creative. Focus campers should bring their own labeled tape measure and safety glasses. Rotation groups will learn to cut, drill, and hammer as they also assemble a new project. Rotation campers will not need to bring any supplies.

Zentangle: (Focus Group limited to entering 4th-7th grade; Rotation Groups open to all.) In this focus group for older campers, we will spend the week learning several types of Zentangle designs, with encouragement to change them and make them our own. Students will use Sharpies to decorate a wooden initial. In addition, they will create smaller tangles on chipboard with inspirational Bible verses. On Thursday, the campers will travel to several different charitable organizations in Pearland where they will learn how these organizations contribute to the community, and then leave their inspirational artwork to be found by someone in need of encouragement. This class is best suited for campers who enjoy fine detail work, and a quiet calm atmosphere. The rotation for this class is open to all ages. We will be making chipboard tangles with inspirational Bible verses. Each rotation will be given an opportunity to leave their artwork around the church for someone to find, or they may keep it to take home.




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