Welcome to the Nursery!

Our nursery is provided for children eight weeks through three years of age during regular worship hours on Sundays. During the week, childcare is provided upon request for church events and meetings. In our nurseries, we provide the children with a fun and loving environment to learn and play. Short Sunday school lessons are taught each Sunday, along with a craft.

Nursery Rooms are located in the Children's Building.

Child care is provided upon request  for church events and meetings outside of regular Sunday worship hours. If you wish to schedule childcare for church events or meetings, contact Erica Cano Nursery Coordinator.

Please include the following information when making a nursery request:
Parent's Name
Contact Number
Email Address
Child(ren)'s name(s) and age(s)
Date and time of church event or meeting

Child Safety

The Infant Room has three church staff employees in addition to volunteers, as needed. Other nursery rooms have two church staff employees in each room in addition to volunteers.Every parent must sign in at the Children's Information Desk utilizing our Parent Pager system. All children will receive matching safety tags. Children will not be allowed to leave the room unless parents have the matching safety tag.

Volunteer in the Nursery

Nursery volunteers are needed on Sunday mornings. It is not required that you have a child in the nursery to volunteer. However, if you have a child in the nursery, please set aside one hour a month to volunteer. Volunteers are required to complete a background check and a Safe Sanctuary training session


Come Worship With Us

Traditional 8:30a & 10:45a
Sunday School 9:30a
Contemporary 10:45a
Cowboy Church 5:30p