Pearland Student Ministry

Welcome to Pearland Student Ministry!  

Pearland Student Ministry exists to create, encourage and cultivate relationships with students to equip them to live out and share the mission of Jesus with the world.

We believe Student Ministry should be like a family. We should pour into each other, laugh, sometimes cry and support each other through life.

We believe it is a place that we should be able to have conversations that challenge us and help us to stretch and grow and explore our faith.

Sunday morning 2 sunday evenings 1
 Wednesday nights  coffee house

upcoming events

For more info contact:

John McClure, Director of Pearland Student Ministries

Susan McElya, PSM Associate/M&M's Coordinator



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Come Worship With Us

Traditional 8:30a & 10:45a
Sunday School 9:30a
Contemporary 10:45a
Cowboy Church 5:30p